The Gene Pool Variety Hour!

Episode 55: Hillbillies and Raccoons!

June 21, 2021

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  • Welcome to Episode 55: Hillbillies and Raccoons
  • Sean starts off the episode with a story about raccoons, Payday candy bars, and psychological harassment through the night during his recent camping trip.
  • This week's Geek Question of the Day is: What would you do if you found out that our world was actually a simulation? Are we talking Matrix, Groundhog Day, or Truman Show here? Come on in and listen!
  • In our Roll for Credits segment, we review the 2010 hilarious twist on the "camper serial kill movie", Tucker and Dale vs Evil! I can't believe it took me this long to see this movie! 
  • And as always, geekery, video games, and chickens.  

Thanks for listening, and hit us up on Twitter for your thoughts on the episode! Come watch a livestream of the podcast every Friday at 8:00 pm EST at! Sean also streams old guys gaming after the podcast starting at 10:00pm after the podcast stream.  Hope to see you there! Oh, and we know all the Twitters!

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